'Collateral Dreams' was first recorded for our second demo "Collateral Dreams" back in 2005, we re-recorded for the "Stranded by Existence" demo again in 2007 but the song never got the production it really deserved. I never felt at ease if we didn't got it the production it deserved, so it's no wonder that for "in Harmonic Entropy" we decided to include this song as the closing track of the album, not only to show how the song should sound from the start but to maintained the bonds we have with our past and former vocalist Nelson, we wish he could been apart of this version. "Collateral Dreams" has been a personal favourite and of many fans making the song a great way to end the live show. 7 years has passed since we wrote the song, with lyrics by Nelson Nascimento, "she" can finally rest in peace.
'Sometimes we are here to help, sometimes we are not!"

  - A. Jesus
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      IN HARMONIC ENTROPY is finally released. We held a listening party at the local club 'Warm up'.

The album is now available digitally on iTunes and hundred of other online stores. If you prefer a physical version you can order sending us a email for 10 Euro (Free Shipping Worldwide).

Produced by Daniel Cardoso
Recorded at UltrasoundStudios Braga
Artwork by Ana Gomes

- Long Gone Shadow
-Only Red Mist Descends
-Among the Sleepless
-Golden Age of Downfalls
-Luctor et Emergo
-Stranded by Existence
-Figureless Icons
-Collateral Dreams


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       Time have come to release "Only Red Mist Descends", the second single rom "in Harmonic Entropy". Being the last song we worked on, before going to studio, it feels a bit different from the others, the same happened with "Seizures" from "Scars of your Decay", but after the release of our first single "Among the Sleepless", we had no doubt on making this song our second single. This song is powerfull, melodic and aggressive!
       Along with the song we decided to make a video capturing Karnak Seti essence as a band, since the release of "Scars of your Decay" to the recording of "in Harmonic Entropy". From gigs in Madeira Island to opening act for Dark Tranquillity, it shows how much we grew as a band and this next album is all about that growth.

'No more level, no chances given. Your dreams denied!'

  - A. Jesus
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 MADELOUD is a community of underground, independent artists looking to promote and share new music. We had the opportunity to join the community and be on their front page as a featured artists. We thank MadeLoud for doing a great job promoting new music, in return we had our song "Among the Sleepless" downloaded and listened by people who otherwise we wouldn't be able to reach.
  visit MadeLoud visit KS@MadeLoud
       We are one month away from releasing our forthcoming album "in Harmonic Entropy", we leave you with a preview from our next single "Only Red Mist Descends".

'Now suffocate! Be the first to fall.
I`ve got no mercy to spare
From now on I feed from your despair
All my affection? There's no more will to give.'

  - L. Erre
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       It's finnaly here! "Among the Sleepless" is the first single coming out of our forthcoming album¬†"in Harmonic Entropy".¬†This was the second song we started working on and although it's pretty far from our early demos, we always knew what we wanted with this song. Daniel Cardoso vocal contribution along with Erre raw and powerful growl, makes the chorus on "Among the Sleepless" rememberable. Fast paced and melodic, this track will be a killer live!
        The astounding artwork was created by the mind of Ana Gomes. She has been working with us since our demo "Collateral Dreams" (from 2005) and you can see her work at her website.

'Salvation. Not coming your way.
Endless hours aimlessly drifting.
I close your eyes if you stop breathing tonight
Rest among the sleepless suns'

 - A. Jesus
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